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Cascade de la Stassaz

We spend a very nice day in the Stassaz ice fall with the planking team!

First of all for people how don't "Planking": basically the objective is to be in an horizontal position in a nice place. Here is some examples:

cascade Stassaz

Malinka ice climbing planking

Cascade Stassaz Mael Simon

Mael and I double planking.

In order to do some planking up there, we needed to climb! Despite the very warm weather (10°C in Chamonix) we founded some acceptable ice conditions. We brought our mask and tuba and it was perfect! 

 cascade stassaz nico

Nico in the central ice tube!

cascade stassaz Alberto

Alberto in action...

cascade stassaz Ben

Ben at the end of the ice tube.

cascade stassaz Nobody

Nobody (Aude ;-) very focused!

Cascade Stassaz Malinka

Malinka Crushing it!

Cascade Stassaz Jeorge

Jeorge juste before he jump in the snow!

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