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Exemple of a 6 days trip in Berner Oberland area. 

konkordiaplatz guide glacier


Day 1: Interlaken - Jungfraujoch - Louwihor - Hollandia

Meeting in Interlaken Ost in order catch the 6:30 train to the Jungfraujoch. It's a 2h train trip with a wonderful Scenery. We go below big glaciers, inside the Eiger North Face and finally we arrive above the Jungfraufirn at 3572m. Once we arrive at the top we can spend some time to take a look at the view and drink a "Ovo". Then go down then up to the Louwihorn (3777m). Then we go down to Grosser Aletschfirn and finally go up to Hollandiahutte.

Ski up: 930m 

Ski down: 980m 

Distance: 11km

Jungfraujoch - louwitor - hollandia

Video of the tour here:

louwitor guide ski

Day 2: Hollandiahutte - Abeni Flue - Konkordiahutte

We go up to Abeni Flue, then w have 2 options:
- going down from here we came
- going down on the Abeni Flue north side

The 2 options go to the grosser Aletschfirn, then we follow the glacier until the Konkordiaplatz and we climb up 100m to go to the Konkordiahutte.

Ski up: 880m 

Ski down: 1200m 

Distance: 14km

Hollandiahutte - abeni flue - konkordiahutte

Day 3: Konkordiahutte - Grunhornluke - (Wyssollen) - Finsteraarhornhutte

We go up to Grunhornlucke in order to go to Finsteraarhornhutte. If we have enough time we will do a detour to the Wissnollen.

Ski up: 1300m 

Ski down: 1150m 

Distance: 12km

konkordiahutte - wyssnollen - finsteraarhorn

Day 4: Finsteraarhornhutte - Interes Ficherhorn or Finsteraarhorn - Finsteraarhornhutte

It's the day with a light back pack! If the weather has been bad before, can also be an extra day to go back on the schedule.

Day 5: Finsteraarhornhutte - Grosse Wannenhorn - Oberaarjoch

The Grosse Wannenhorn (3906m),wish is on the way to Oberaarjoch, is one the the best ski descent of the area. So we will do a short detour of 900m up to climb it.

Ski up: 1630m 

Ski down: 1450m 

Distance: 14km

finsteraarhorn - grosses vannenhorn - oberaarjoch

Day 6: Oberaarjoch -Bachlilike - Interlaken

If the weather forecast is good we will go to the Bachlilike hearly in the morning, in horder to get good corn snow. Otherwise you can escape through the  Grimselpass.

Ski up: 400m 

Ski down: 2230m 

Distance: 9km

oberaarhorn - bachlilike

Ski skills required

  • Ability to turn comfortably through the fall line in difficult deep, heavy snow, or bad breakable crust.
  • Ability to execute hop parallel turns or pedal-hop turns on 35° firm snow.
  • Ability to ski the fall-line with short-radius, rhythmic parallel turns in deep light snow.
  • Ability to side-slip, both forward and backward, on firm 40° slopes.
  • Ability to skate on level ground.

Extra day: Mittaghorn

An old guide Swiss mountain guide told me: "it's the best tour of Europe!" Ok he was a local guide, pride of his mountains, but it's actually amazing! Even more if you finish the day in Anenhutte's sauna

Mittaghorn - Anenhutte

Be aware that there are many ski options in this area. From very difficult to moderate level ski tour. If you are looking for a specific ski tour please let me know.

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